Aug 28th-29th-30th 2013

by alex  

This wednesday, we went to the doctor for PJ's check in. The afternoon, all the new students were invited to the school to visit it. We also got our schedule, here is mine : Government-French (TA)-Economics-English-Trig-Spanish and it is everyday the same here! We are 7 exchange students this year : 2 belgians (the best of course) 1 spanish, 1 italian 1 australian et 2 germans.

Thursday, rest day except some boxes to move from the old house.

Friday, we went to a baseball game during the evening. It was awesome! Fireworks, national anthemn, animations and other things I did not understand. Here are 2 3 pictures but the zoom of my camera did not allow me to take a lot.

baseball :









recycleman :

Aug 26th-27th 2013

by alex  

This monday, rest!

Thursday, we went to one of those parcs I saw on pictures with another exchange student from belgium (we where on the same plane to NY). Beautiful landschape! I am still so tired

the famous falls :

PJplaying in the parc :



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